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3 Oct

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog like I should, so until I do those of you looking for me here can find me on Facebook, Etsy, and Twitter!

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7 Jun

After checking out a few different boutiques, my business partner and I stopped by a local flower shop that sells items on consignment and fell in love. It’s a gorgeous store with a vintage decor. You walk in and it looks like the inside of an old bank building or theatre house. The lady in charge the day we dropped in was excited over the types of items we make and asked us to bring in some samples. Here are some bags I just finished that I am taking by tomorrow. I’m so excited at how cute they turned out with the flowers added.







Recent Projects

6 Jun

I’ve been quite busy lately, so I’ve been slacking on updates on what I’ve been working on. A dear friend and I are working on starting a business together selling our handmade items, so we’ve been trying to make things to help build up our inventory. Here are some photos of what I’ve completed over the past few months.

First, this Nursing Shawl is what I had used the treble crochet stitch in. I made it for a Celtic swap I participated in back in March.

Next, this chainsaw I made for a Grindhouse Swap in April.

This weekend I made this book bag for a dear friend who owns her own used bookstore.

I got the idea off Pinterest to make monogram plates.

And finally, I’ve been making some vintage pillowcase aprons.

Linked Treble Crochet

7 Mar

My newest project is working a pattern for a nursing shawl. The pattern calls for a L-tr stitch (linked treble crochet) that I wasn’t familiar with. I tried working the stitch on my own without looking it up, but of course I have to make things much more difficult than they have to be. I was cursing the stitch and after re-working the first row of 119 stitches a few times, I finally decided to give in and look up a how-to video on YouTube. Now I wish I had started with the video! The wonderful thing about this L-tr stitch is that it forms a solid fabric instead of all the holes generally found in double or treble crochet.

Here’s the video I found:


4 Mar


Crobots are crochet robots. Each month I participate in craft swaps on Ravelry. One of the swap groups is a Geek Swap, and the theme for Jan/Feb was robots. When asked what my spoilee would do with a robot she replied to teach her to dance, so that is Bopbot the first Crobot. Next is Zombiebot to help protect and guide her through the upcoming Zombiepocolypse. Finally is Dogbot, man’s best friend who will not leave a mess in the middle of the floor.

Long Neck Dinosaur

25 Feb

A friend asked if I could make a long neck dinosaur as a gift for her sister-in-law. I had tried another pattern but unfortunately it was poorly written, so I decided to write my own. It will be one of the first patterns I publish for sale. It works up quickly only taking a few hours to make. He stands about 9.5 inches tall and 8 inches long.


25 Feb

This week has been a hard week. On Sunday, our female Great Pyrenees had a stroke and the vet kept her for observation through Thursday (she’s home for the weekend). Each day I made the 45 minute trip to the office so I could spend time with her. On Tuesday, there was a little bright spot to the day. About 30 minutes south of where we live there is an alpaca farm near Talihina called Walnut Creek Alpacas. The owner had brought two from her herd of 100 to the vet in her minivan. It was such a sight! I was so giddy to be able to see these wonderful animals. At some point I plan to make a trip down to the farm to learn more about them and their magnificent fleece.